Columbia Helicopters Completes Acquisition of Helicopter Type Certificates
Date: Sunday, December 24, 12:31 GMT
Topic: Civil Industry News

Columbia Helicopters, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved the transfer of the Type
Certificates for the Model 234 Chinook and Vertol 107-II helicopters
from The Boeing Company to Columbia. This approval is the culmination
of extensive efforts by both Boeing and Columbia Helicopters employees.

These certificates will give the company access to all materials and
manufacturing details of the complex helicopters that the company
operates. The company will soon apply for an FAA Production Certificate
for both aircraft.

Columbia Helicopters is the only commercial operator of the Model 234
and Vertol 107-II helicopters in the world. The company uses the
aircraft world-wide, with operations including logging, construction,
fighting wildland fires, and petroleum exploration. The company employs
nearly 800 people around the world, approximately 360 of whom work at
the company's headquarters near Portland, Oregon.

"This is a monumental event in our company's distinguished history,"
said Mike Fahey, President of Columbia Helicopters. "Very few
companies can claim to hold the Type Certificates for the aircraft
which they operate. Our acquisition of the type certificates is
testament to our operational and maintenance history with each

"We operate one of the most comprehensive maintenance programs and facilities anywhere in the world, and our mission is to be the provider of choice for helicopter operations and maintenance solutions worldwide," added Fahey. "Acquiring the Type Certificates will complement our ability to serve our maintenance customers in a cost-effective manner, and will significantly streamline Columbia's work with vendors and the FAA."

The company will celebrate its 50th Anniversary in April 2007. The company started with founder Wes Lematta selling rides in a single, small helicopter. It operates the largest, privately held heavy-lift helicopter fleet in the world.

Above: A Vertol 107-II (left) and a Model 234 Chinook operate in the Central Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The two aircraft are owned and operated by Columbia Helicopters, which has just acquired the Type Certificates for both helicopters.

Photo courtesy of Columbia Helicopters.

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