The Helicopter Museum - International Education Facility?
Date: Sunday, December 24, 12:18 GMT
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In August 2006 The Helicopter Museum in Weston-super-Mare received a
letter from French Engineering Student, Julien Molet, in which the 23
year old from the south of Paris enquired as to whether he could spend
two months working at the museum as part of his diploma in Aeronautical
Aircraft Maintenance.

"The Helicopter Museum offered the ideal opportunity for me to gain
some practical experience in aircraft maintenance and also help me with
my English." He said. Once he had moved into a local guesthouse, Julien
began his work at the museum and was immediately taken under the wing
of workshop supervisor and retired gas turbine engineer Peter Noyle.
"Julien has a natural talent as an engineer" remarked Mr Noyle "and his
English has come on leaps and bounds during his time here."

"My work load has been so varied" said Julien "So far I have undertaken
extensive work on a Wessex Mark 3, completed a full inspection of a
Cougar Autogyro and tackled corrosion on the museum's Super Frelon

On his days off Julien has visited several local tourist attractions
and makes regular 3 mile runs along Weston Seafront. "It is very
strange being alone in a foreign country, PC keyboards are all
different, my bus drives on the other side of the road, the weather is
terrible but I am finding that I am relying on my English dictionary
less and less. I am even now beginning to dream in English."

Julien went on to say "It has been a fantastic experience for me, I have learn't so much from the museum that I couldn't have discovered from books." A keen guitarist and musician Julien noted "My only regret is that I didn't bring my guitar, for I would have loved to join in when we had a live band playing in the hanger on the Christmas Fun Day."

Julien hopes to return to the museum in 2008 when his course is completed. "I have made some really great friends and I'll be sad to say farewell, but most of all I would like to say a huge thank you to the museum for its hospitality. The Helicopter Museum really is a fantastic place to learn about aircraft restoration."

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