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RTM322 Achieves Certification - Posted on on Thursday, December 20, 01:37 GMT
Product News
The most powerful version of the RTM322 turboshaft engine to date has received its Civil Type Certificate from EASA. It has been tailored specifically to operate in the NH90 in arduous 'hot and high' conditions.

The 'Step 0' engine has a 30-minute take-off rating of 2.580shp and has a seven per cent power increase over the RTM322-01/9 variant. It has been selected by the Royal Air Force of Oman to power its fleet of 20 twin-engined NH90 helicopters and engine deliveries to the helicopter's final assembly line at Eurocopter are already underway.

In addition, an RTM322-01/9A powered helicopter is undergoing trials in Oman, operating successfully in ambient temperatures of up to 48° Celsius.

The FADEC-equipped RTM322 has been selected by ten of the twelve NH90 nations that have made an engine selection.

Emeric d'Arcimoles, Chairman of RRTM and Chairman and CEO of Turbomeca, said: "During certification testing, the engine achieved power levels in excess of 3,000shp and we are confident that it will set new standards of performance in the market."

Martin Fausset, Vice Chairman of RRTM and Managing Director of Rolls-Royce Defence Aerospace, said: "This certification is a further demonstration of the RTM322 engine's superior operational capability in hot and high conditions."

Approximately 1,600 RTM322 engines, including orders and options, have been announced for NH90, WAH-64 Apache and EH101 helicopters.

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RTM322 Achieves Certification

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Re: RTM322 Achieves Certification (Score: 1)
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Re: RTM322 Achieves Certification (Score: 1)
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