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TAG Expands VTOL UAV Weaponization Program With New Recoilless Technology - Posted on on Friday, December 29, 21:28 GMT
Military Industry News
(Los Angeles, December 28, 2006) TAG has announced a new recoilless technology development that is to be implemented on their portable unmanned helicopters. Tactical Aerospace Group ( www.tacticalaerospacegroup.com ) has signed a Joint Commercialization Agreement with Recoilless Technologies International ( www.rticl.com ) of Australia to develop a  recoilless weapons package for their aircraft as part of  ongoing UCAV weaponization programs. Initial efforts will be directed towards 7.62 armament with future attention towards other calibers, grenade launchers and other fire power that might be adapted or suitable for this aircraft.
This new enhancement will add additional capabilities to the current 2.75" missile project to ultimately provide the expeditionary and front line warfighter with a portable compact attack helicopter. Such a weapons package can provide a frontline first strike capability, especially for engaging in urban environments which are the typical new battlefield settings.

"The concept is to keep the warfighter out of harms way and let the machines take all the risk"  said Peter Adler, Military Liaison for TAG. "No other existing weapon can deliver serious firepower this accurately and this close without putting a life at risk. The helicopter gives you the ability to approach at high rates of speed from any direction and deliver a contained lethal salvo into the specific target room, regardless of what floor it may be on or how well defended from ground approach. This is especially important as today's conflicts require targeting very specific enemy personnel but at the same time minimizing any collateral damage to innocents or infrastructure."
"Surprise, speed and response time are critical in this environment. Verifiable intelligence must be acted on and responded to immediately as the enemy can disperse within minutes, quickly blending in to the indigenous population. Being portable for transport by HMMWV or even man portable packs, this small UCAV system is capable of being deployed within those critical time frames by the very teams that would otherwise have to take or attack the position at great risk to themselves."
"Combined with the swarming and multi-platform control systems being developed by Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and other industry leaders, this is a step closer to developing networked WarBots that can take the place of human warfighters where appropriate."
"We see additional utility for light unmanned attack helicopters in numerous situations where traditional air resources are restricted by terrain, structures or visibility and of course for well defended high risk targets."
The introduction of recoilless weapons will open a wide range of possibilities for deployment of light weaponized UAVs.
Mr. Richard Giza, RTI's Chairman stated "RTI has the skills and capability to develop a recoilless ballistic armament system for TAG's UAVs that will not only satisfy the capability requirements of "Detect First" but combine the much needed "Strike First" capability without placing valuable human resources in harm's way or disrupting the flight pattern of the TAG rotary wing UAVs"
"This is simply the first step of the realization of a larger capability enhancement for all Allied Forces," the inventor of the Recoilless Technology Mr. Giza said.
TAG also has other designs for this the recoilless technology and plan to utilize various firing and launch systems for law enforcement applications. "We see it could be used to deliver non-lethal loads, fire flash bangs, launch throw phones, fire or deliver grapple hooks and probably dozens of other tasks we haven't thought of yet" said Peter Adler. "Again, the idea is to take out the deadly risk for the personnel involved in the assault and SWAT teams and provide a very quick and accurate delivery anywhere on site regardless of angle, location or elevation. No ground based robot can do that and definitely not with the speed and efficiency of the helicopter."
With the extensive use of titanium and composites in both the UAV and the weapons, system weight is kept to a minimum while allowing for exceptional performance and strength. This combination will provide future capability for various configurations to be deployed from the air or from surface and underwater vessels to enhance the surveillance and strike ability of SEAL teams or other similar units.
"While there are many UAVs more than capable of surveillance duties" said Adler, "our  systems are designed to go in first, cause the damage and remove the maximum risk and peril from front line personnel, especially when going into confined space or the restrictive dimensions of street fighting. This is where we can save many lives."

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Re: TAG Expands VTOL UAV Weaponization Program With New Recoilless Technology (Score: 1)
by toneypan (toneydan03@gmail.com) on Tuesday, March 26, 16:49 GMT
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