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Flight Safety

Pilots Role in the Care and Maintenance of Helicopters
(Story by Bill Reid)

The Helicopter Industry is one of the most competitive businesses in the world of commerce. Charge-out rates vary immensely between individual operators and from country to country for given types. Often you will hear an Operator slagging off that their competitor down the road is charging unsustainable rates and will go broke in 6 months. No matter whether this is true or not, the best way to keep ahead of your competition is to keep costs down and be innovative in the way you use your equipment... Read More >>

Turbulence - The Unseen Danger
(Story by Bill Reid, Photos by Ned Dawson)

If air was visible, it would be seen as a fluid swirling around us with a flow often appearing to be random, but sometimes with defined patterns, like the patterns seen in a fast flowing stream with rocks and boulders. We would see turbulence as waves of air rushing towards and crashing around us, much as we experience with surf at the beach... Read More >>

Vortex Ring State
(Story by Mott Stanchfield)

Vortex Ring State (VRS), sometimes inexactly referred to as "settling with power" is an insidious aerodynamic phenomenon that can form rapidly when the helicopter is operating out of ground effect and below effective translational lift airspeeds... Read More >>

Keeping Your Head
(Story by Mark Ogden)

Along with the fire-resistant flying suit, the flight helmet has long been accepted as a normal part of the military helicopter crew's safety-equipment. With the wealth of evidence available to prove the helmet's effectiveness in increasing crash survivability, perhaps the civilian helicopter industry should follow the military's lead... Read More >>

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