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Military Features

The Russian Evolution
(Story and Photos by Piotr Butowski)

Displaying the adaptability that has always characterized the Russian aviation industry, Kazan Helicopters appears to have overcome political and financial turmoil in the rapidly changing Russian nation to evolve a succession of variants of its Ansat helicopter; the first helicopter designed by Kazan and also the first in Russia to be designed from scratch since the break-up of the Soviet Union... Read More >>

The V22 Osprey - "Semper Fi!"
(Story and Photos by Ted Carlson)

The Osprey can achieve speeds up to 250 knots and aerial refuel, allowing it to deliver troops quickly and at very far distances, especially when compared to conventional rotary-winged aircraft... Read More >>

Israel's New Serpents
(Story by Shlomo Aloni)

In April 2005, a version of Boeing's lethal Apache 'Longbow' ? the AH-64D-I Saraf (Serpent) entered service with Israel's Defense Force/Air Force, marking a new era for the nation's already accomplished and highly distinguished attack helicopter force... Read More >>

The Eyes Have It!
(Story by Ken Delve)

KEN DELVE looks at the increasing popularity and prominence of Integrated Helmet Sights and Displays..... Read More >>

Long Live the Stallion
(Story by John Milliman and Ken Delve, Photos by Ted Carlson)

The CH-53E Super Stallion has impressive performance, actually being able to outrun its AH-1W SuperCobra and UH-1N Twin Huey escorts. With its seven blades and trio of engines, it can also out turn them as well!.. Read More >>

Hands Off Hauler
(Story by Frank Colucci)

Kaman demonstrates the utility of an autonomous cargo-carrying Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Army resupply missions... Read More >>

What's HIP in the 21st Century?
(Story by Piotr Butowski)

The Mi-8/-17 ..

On The Attack
(Story by Ken Delve)

Has the Attack Helicopter come of age – or outlived its usefulness? Along with an overview of current production types and upgrades, KEN DELVE examines a debate that is raging more fiercely than ever... Read More >>

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